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and manufactures vacuum deposition equipment for a broad range 1995 Leybold installed the world's largest, in terms of production capacity, industrial scale vertical glass coater for electrochromic layers in an architectural application. 2013 Bühler Leybold Optics installed China's largest Triple Low-E coating system.

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The multi-mode gas cluster ion source (GCIS) is designed to operate in both Arn+ cluster and Ar+ monatomic modes making it suitable for sputter cleaning and depth Large Ar clusters are formed by isentropic adiabatic cooling of the gas as it expands from high pressure (P0) through a nozzle into the vacuum of the source

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High Performance Thin Film Optical Coatings Using four 24” and 27” diameter substrates in each of our larger coating chambers creates a competitive advantage . AR Coatings are often crucial components in optical systems with multiple lenses or other optics where the maximum possible light energy is needed.

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While we don't believe that our customers should have to become expert in thin film coating methods, we do feel that informing the market will help people to make better decisions These ions act almost like an atomic sized hammer, producing a higher film density than can be achieved with purely by evaporation alone.

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Feb 28, 2005 that includes a pressure axis: pressure is an indirect measure for the energy of assisting argon ions. Anders, ICMCTF 2005, LBNL-57127. 3 the large area work considered here, ion extraction is done either by a multi-aperture grid or multi-slit system. The characteristic size (hole diameter or slit width,

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In addition to baking, the practice of backfilling, or refilling a vacuum with a dry gas, is another common technique used to clean systems. Argon is probably the most common gas used because of its large atomic size, which makes it better for sputtering off unwanted molecules from chamber walls. However, dry nitrogen is a.

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conductive coating. - longer pump life. Application Specific Solutions for SEM: a complete line of ion getter pumps dedicated to Electron Microscopy. . length of the linac. Vacuum within the linac can be created by Varian VacIon Plus pumps from 20 l/s to 70 l/s. ? Booster. Charged particles, which have already been