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Automatic Enamel Powder Coating Painting Line

Paint Standards and Related Coating Standards - ASTM International

Standards for evaluating paint and coatings; pigments, solvents, hydrocarbon resins, and ink vehicles; architectural, traffic, marine, and industrial coatings; powder coatings, coil coated metal, printing inks, and artists paints; and paintbrushes, and rollers.

Certified Enameling, Inc.: Architectural Metal Finishing

Certified Enameling, Inc. is a recognized leader in the field of architectural metal finishing, with fast turnaround times and premium quality work. Call for a quote today.

How to Paint Over Powder Coating - A Guide

Jun 7, 2016 Powder coating as a finish has a lot of benefits and drawbacks which you can learn more about here. It is often chosen for its durable finish, its environmental friendliness, and lower variable cost in comparison to liquid coating. Despite its greater durability, even powder coating is susceptible to

The What, Why & How of Powder Coating - Air Power

The What, Why and How of Powder Coating. Thermoplastic powders do not. "crosslink" when cured, but simply melt and flow over the surface of the part. The film hardens on cooling, but if it is reheated it will remelt. Vinyls, nylons and fluorocarbons are examples of thermoplastic powders. Enamel powder is a specialized.

Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta (AXTA) manufactures, markets and distributes paint for commercial vehicles, refinish aftermarkets and a wide variety of industrial coating systems.

Machining, Trimen Industries, Inc. Paint & Powder Coat

Stock to Custom Colors. Epoxies. Urethanes. Enamels. Lacquers. Masking and Plugging of Critical Surfaces. Mono Rail Batch System. Automatic powder cell. Automatic Liquid Line with Robot. Short Lead times. Wide Range of Part Size and Weight. All type of Materials. EMI Shielding. Silk Screening. Pad Printing.

Accurate Coatings Inc. Custom Processes, Wet Paint, Powder

Wet Paint. Automotive Finishes; Urethane; Waterborne; Epoxies; Enamels; MIL Spec – CARC and High Heat; Automated Paint Systems and Robotic capabilities. Powder Coating. Approx 950 linear ft of overhead conveyer; Epoxies; Hybrids; Urethanes; TGIC Polyester; Batch Ovens; Batch Booths. Wash Lines/Prep Tanks.