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UV Spraying Line with Plastic

Vacuum evaporation coating machine


UV series automatic coating assembly line has advanced and complete spray system, mainly for vacuum coating products to provide automatic and humanized primer, surface paint spraying.

Complete assembly line coating system, flame treatment room, electrostatic dedusting room, UV automatic spraying room, infrared preheater leveling, UV light curing, cooling air chamber. Fully automatic spraying technology, equipped with Japan IWATA automatic spray gun, customers can also choose ABB automatic spraying robot. Water curtain type spray room design, paint mist recovery processing system, greatly reduce the paint fog spread pollution. Automatic chain design, flexible line planning, installation planning, new design of man-machine interface, PLC automatic control system, simple operation, at the fingertips. Reasonable infrared heating arrangement, full Angle UV curing layout, quick completion of non-dead Angle preheat curing process.

Technical configuration

Automatic UV coating line

Length of line: customizable length, single spray single roasting, double spray double roast, general automatic line length is 50 meters, 90 meters, 120 meters, 200 meters, etc.

Rotor chain: variable frequency adjusting drive chain.

Electrostatic dedusting: independent self-static electric dust chamber, equipped with 6 electrostatic duster gun.

Flame treatment: multiple flame treatment guns, to improve the adhesion of specific products.

Automatic spraying: independent automatic spray room, equipped with multiple SWATA Japanese yatian automatic spraying gun, optional automatic ABB spraying robot.

Red flow: the infrared baking length of precise accounting, with the latest infrared heating system, the temperature can be adjusted.

UV curing: equipped with multi - power UV lamp, full Angle UV light system.

Air purification: high efficiency filter is used to improve air purification rate and cleanliness.

Electrical control: adopt PLC automatic control system, process parameter controllable adjustable.


It is widely used in coating of plastics, metal, glass and other products, and the production mode of assembly line can carry the high efficiency spraying of large quantities of products. It is equipped with double spray and double baking system to realize the UV spraying and ordinary thermal curing spray. General applications include headlights, lid, top cosmetic bottle caps, craft accessories, heels, etc.

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