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Multi arc ion pvd vacuum coating machine

Multi arc ion vacuum coating machine


Multi arc ion pvd vacuum coating machine it is an efficient, harmless and pollution-free ion plating equipment, which has the advantages of fast deposition rate, high ionization rate, large ion energy, simple operation of equipment, low cost and large production capacity.

The principle of vacuum arc ion is based on the pulse technology and magnetron sputtering technology of the base cold cathode, which makes the deposition particles finer and the performance of the film layer is improved. It can not only in a coating and metal products surface coating on the surface of non-metallic products products, and can be plated metal film, titanium nitride, titanium carbide, nitride zirconium, chromium nitride and chemical compounds such as titanium, nickel, chromium, copper, film, multilayer superhard film, mixed gold film of titanium nitride and alloy membrane, and can in a very short period of time, complete machining process is a kind of multi-functional high coating equipment.



Are widely used in the superhard coated tools, moulds, automobile wheel hub, ceramic, golf, watchcase strap, locks, hotel supplies, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, glasses frame, metal products, decorative coating, etc. Multi arc ion coating machine is used for different class hardware products, general architectural hardware, locks, be competent for many arc ion plating equipment, top grade products such as strap watchcase, spectacle frames, following, golf clubs, sanitary ware, jewelry, etc., generally USES the arc/frequency (+ dc) magnetron sputtering composite coating equipment.

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