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Multi arc ion vacuum coating machine


Magnetron sputtering coating machine, film forming rate is high, low substrate temperature, film adhesive is good, which can realize large area coating compared with traditional evaporation coating equipment, magnetron sputtering deposition density can obtain better membrane layer, we use the most advanced binding force and uniformity of dc or intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering power, to meet different customer needs

Advanced high-speed low temperature sputtering technology, greatly expands the application range of magnetic control equipment, unable to heat or heat resistant products with high quality sputtering coating solution with chi cheng innovation craft manufacture, excellence, comprehensive through the eu CE and ISO international quality management system certification;



Suitable for plating advanced decorative film, alloy film layer and so on. Advanced high-speed reaction sputtering technology at low temperature, the achievement of its high-speed growth ability and excellent film layer uniformity density, widely used in plastic tableware, mobile phone shell, sanitary ware, automobile wheel hub, hardware accessories, signs coating, etc. Can also sputter plastic products, ceramics, Mosaic, resin, crystal glass products, etc.

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