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  • ceramic pvd vacuum coating machine
  •  glass mirror magnetron sputtering coating machine
  •  mirror stainless steel coating machine


Vacuum evaporation coating machine

Evaporation coating equipment means low operating cost, reliable stability, and a highly humanized coating equipment. The vertical double door design is adopted to greatly improve the production efficiency, and the coating film has excellent compactness and adhesion.

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Our Services

mf magnetron sputtering coating machine

On-site service

On-site service, including commissioning and acceptance of new equipment, equipment guarantee, and paid service.

shanghai vacuum titanium coating machine

Telephone support

Telephone support, including a few hours later, to check and troubleshoot technical support for user equipment failure.

 vacuum pvd metallization coating machine

Remote services

Remote services, via the Internet, help troubleshoot problems. If possible, troubleshoot.

 evaporation vacuum coating machine

Technical guidance service

Technical guidance service,the customer can select the corresponding personnel to study in our company.

Hot Products

pvd low temperature coating machine

Decorative coating equipment

The evaporation coating equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, high pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, stable work, and good film layer uniformity and film quality.

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arc ion coating machine

Hard coating equipment

The most advanced PVD, PACVD and other tool coatings for the wide range of product composite technology equipment, for adapting to various processing requirements and workpiece materials of high speed steel and carbide tools.

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Photoelectric film equipment

Photoelectric equipment can be prepared various happened with optical film layer, such as conductive film, solar cells, minus reflection film, etc., used in electronic, digital, solar power, glass, decoration and other industries.

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Automatic UV coating line

Automatic painting assembly line has advanced and complete spray system, mainly for the vacuum coating products to provide automatic and humanized primer, surface paint spraying. It is widely applicable to UV spraying of plastics, metal, glass, ceramics and other materials. UV spraying technology has excellent surface forming ability, which endows the product with high density adhesion and uniform coating.

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vacuum decorative coating machine

New Products

multi arc ion vacuum coating machine

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magnetron sputtering coating machine

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